Freeze-dried Musang King Durian with Milk Layer Coating


Duria – Premium quality freeze-dried Musang King Durian is made of 100% fresh Musang King harvested while in-season and immediately freeze-dried to lock in all of its good-for-you nutrients. The freeze-dried Musang King Durian are coated with a healthy layer of milk coating which definitely enhances the flavour and texture of this healthy snack.

🤔What is freeze-dried fruit & how is it made?
Fruits is placed inside a vacuum chamber where the temperature is below freezing, the temperature is slowly raised, and the solid water molecules enter a gaseous state without ever becoming a liquid. In doing so, the structure of the fruit, as well as its nutritional value (such as fibre & vitamin C), is preserved.

Ingredients: Freeze-dried Musang King Durian, refined vegetable oil, Erythritol, whole milk powder, soy lecithin